Olivier Migeot
6 ans auparavant

Boogie Board RIP & Linux, first steps

I quickly tested the new Boogie Board RIP tonight. It seems promising, though there's some rough edges.

For those who aren't really into hi-tech toys, this is a mix between Etch-a-Sketch and a computer. You can draw on it as you want, and then save your page as a vectorized PDF. Saved pages are able to be retrieved through a standard USB Mass Storage.

Windows users are, as usual, in for a treat : they have access to a dedicated application that allows them to interact with the computer in real time. As the board is plugged in, drawings will appear directly on the computer screen. Sadly - but some might have anticipated this - there's no such thing for us Linux users.

So, it's worth what it's worth, but here are my first findings on that subject. The device appears as an USB Mass Storage, but also as an HID. Here are my dmesg output after plugging the board in:

\[code\]usb 3-1: new full speed USB device using uh... montrer plus
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