Olivier Migeot
5 ans auparavant

@Friendica Developers @Leberwurscht Brot Ok, there's more progress on my extauth's side. It now works with "real" Jabber clients and JappixMini, and checks users as they should be.

Still I wonder : is there any way to check whether my rosters are correctly populated? If I connect to my jabber account with a desktop client, should I see my Friendica contacts connected, or are they supposed to only be there when connected from the web page (not matter how that would work)?
Leberwurscht Brot
5 ans auparavant

The addon should create a roster group called Friendica, where it inserts all known jabber addresses of Friendica contacts. This roster group is also there if you use a desktop client. But there are still some flaws with this, users show up also outside the roster group sometimes and old addresses are not deleted, so that you have multiple roster entries for the same person if they change jabber address.
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